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Miami Fitness Factory is a Sports Performance Academy concept developed by Coach Amir Eid to help others achieve their physical and sports performance objectives.

Coach Eid was a rising basketball talent when he sustained a serious knee injury that led to the end of his career. He reached his lowest point at that time after undergoing many surgeries.

Amir was determined to make a difference and help others attain their dream even though he couldn’t. Knowledge was and will always be the way Amir will fight back. He obtained a

B.S. in Business Management (LAU Byblos, 2011) and a

B.S. in Physical Therapy (Antonine University, 2015). He wanted to understand the human body further and identify what pro athletes were doing wrong in their training routine to learn how he could prevent injuries from the get-go.

Masters of Science in Education (Ms.ED) in Exercise Physiology, where he specialized in Strength & Conditioning and Sports Nutrition. Studied, trained, and gained invaluable hands-on experience from his work experience with NCAA Division-1 teams spanning all kinds of sports, from basketball, football, and soccer, to lacrosse, tennis, and swimming.

Back to Lebanon in 2016, he is now sharing his knowledge with you through Miami Fitness Factory, a strength & conditioning concept that adopts an innovative approach to sports training.

Today, physical therapist, a strength and conditioning coach, instructor at the Lebanese American University (Byblos, Lebanon), the sole representative of NCSF in the Middle East and this is a story to help every person build his/her own, based on knowledge, sweat, and self-love.

what is miami fitness factory

Learned the hard way that most sports injuries come from overtraining or training wrong, Miami Fitness Factory (MFF) aims to instill and promote an injury-free fitness culture that will help trainers and trainees unveil their full potential safely.

Since 2016, Miami Fitness Factory (MFF) has been coaching sports teams and leading athletes. In addition to providing fitness enthusiasts and athletes with tailored workouts, MFF’s founder and lead trainer Coach Amir Eid has served as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the:

  • Saudi Olympic Training Center
  • Saudi Arabia Men’s National Basketball team
  • Lebanese Women’s National Basketball team
  • Lebanese Boys Under 18 National Basketball team
  • Homenetmen Men and Women Division-1 Basketball teams, Lebanon- Lebanese and Arab Champions of the 2017-2018 basketball season
  • Al Ahli Men’s Basketball team, KSA
  • Al Fateh Men’s Basketball team, KSA


With Coach Eid being the exclusive representative of NCSF in the Middle East since 2017, MFF also provides sports enthusiasts looking to become internationally certified, namely as:

  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT),
  • Certified Strength Coach (CSC), and
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS).

Today, MFF has expanded globally, bringing its expertise, state-of-the-art training routines, and innovative techniques to North America and across the MENA region through one-on-one sessions and NCSF workshops. Our regional portfolio features the Iraqi Basketball Federation in Baghdad, Qatar Olympic Committee, and the Al Ahli Basketball team in KSA, to name a few.

why choose mff

Unique Approach
We blend science with the passion for bringing your performance to new heights

Uncompromising Quality
We seek it in our certifications, workout programs, services practices, workshops, approach, and more.

Safety First
We take all injury prevention measures to provide you with a smooth experience no matter your goal.

A Team That Has Your Back

We are a highly skilled and experienced team of NCSF Certified Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches who aim to see you progress and achieve your objectives.

Tailored Programs
Whether you’re seeking training or a training certification, we have the right program to fit your ambitions and elevate your performance.

International Endorsement

We have the trust of

NCCA | iCREPS | USREPS | Europeactive


Our team is comprised of the highest level NCSF certified coaches specialized in Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding,
Athletic Training, Sports Performance, Fitness Training, Weightloss, Pre-Post Natal Training, Sports Injury Prevention, and have Physical Therapy educational backgrounds.

Founder & Head Strength Coach

Amir Eid

Amir Eid – Founder and managing director at Miami Fitness Factory. He holds a Masters of Science in Education in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, FL., USA, where he specialized in Strength & Conditioning and Sports Nutrition as well as a B.S. in Physical Therapy and Business Management.

For more about our founder visit the subsection- Our Story- Strength Built on Sweat

Sports Performance Specialist

Rana Akiki

Rana Akiki – MFF Team Manager, is a self-driven clinical psychologist who is passionate about linking sports and mental health, delving into the field of sports sciences and body mechanics and their inter-relationship to mental health. With her diverse expertise and educational background, Rana serves fitness enthusiasts and top athletes.

Coach Rana is an NCSF certified personal trainer and strength coach, working as a Sports Performance Specialist at Miami Fitness Factory since 2019.

Sports Performance Specialist

Jean-Pierre Hanna

Jean-Pierre Hanna (AKA JP) has been a basketball player for the past 15 years. His love for the game made him a powerful and passionate athlete who pushes himself and others to advance. While he trained at the factory as an athlete client, he found his passion and coaching power as a strength & conditioning trainer. Leveraging this newly acquired knowledge, he’s been training and helping clients achieve their goals, whether they are young professional athletes or sports enthusiasts looking to power up their performance.

Coach JP is an NCSF certified personal trainer and strength coach, working as a Sports Performance Specialist at Miami Fitness Factory since 2019.

Sports Performance Specialist

Raphael Obeid

Raphael Obeid – MFF Team Leader, holds a B.S. Physical Education. His passion for fitness began through his love of sports at a young age. With a positive, motivational and focused training approach, Raphael helps athletes and non-athletes reach their ultimate goal. With his perseverance, Raphael exemplifies excellent client interaction and promotes exercise as a primary lifestyle.

Coach Raphael is an NCSF certified personal trainer and strength coach, working as a Sports Performance Specialist at Miami Fitness Factory since 2020.

Receptionist & Membership Advisor

Jenny Abi Rashed

Jenny holds a master’s of science in general business, who is passionate about the power of technology and how it can transform the way we do business. her role is to ensure and improve customer satisfaction, Handle customer complaints, follow up to ensure resolution. Keep records of customer interactions. Take the extra mile to engage customers.

Jenny is always passionate, Active listening, self motivated and always wearing her big smile.

Membership Advisor

Ghinwa Farhat

Ghinwa Farhat went from a career in hotel management and hospitality to handling customer care and client advisory at MFF. As a membership advisor, she is our first contact with newcomers and maintains strong relations with all visitors, clients, and staff members. Her communication skills and ability to make people feel welcomed and comfortable is one of her strengths, making clients become trusted and loyal friends.

Ghinwa has been part of the family as a Membership Advisor since 2020.

Sports Performance Specialist

Jean Aoun

Jean is a licensed physical therapist with a belief in the essential role of movement and sports in maintaining a pain-free life.

His strong passion for motivating individuals to increase their movement and strength in order to prevent pain and stay injury free pushed him to join the sports industry and earn certifications as a personal trainer through NCSF and functional strength coach demonstrating their commitment to both their clients and continuous professional development.

Jean’s dedication to their clients is evident in the creation of personalized training programs and the pursuit of knowledge beyond the scope of physical therapy.

Sports Performance Specialist

Ziad Doumit

Ziad holds a BS in physical education and is a certified personal trainer. Ziad’s training philosophy emphasizes the importance of individualized programming, proper form, and consistency. He believes that every client is unique and requires a personalized approach to training in order to achieve their desired results.

Ziad is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research in the fitness industry, and is constantly seeking new ways to improve his clients health and wellness and performance.

Sports Performance Specialist

Jean Paul Assaker

Jean-Paul Assaker is a sports performance specialist, NCSF-certified personal trainer, and a certified functional strength coach.

After starting basketball at a very early age, he has kept pursuing his passion for sports, strength, and movement, by diving into different disciplines such as Muay Thai, Parkour, Climbing and Hiking, and Yoga, …

JP’s multidisciplinary sports background allows him to understand athletic body behavior and tailor creative trainings adapted to his clients’ physical goals and needs.

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