For professionals looking to evolve their careers and improve their class hours.
For those who want to learn how to serve in groups and increase their budget.
For those who want to learn about true Functional Training.
For those looking to create a busy schedule.



Movement preparation BLOCKs

Movement preparation block. Myofascial release strategies, mobility exercises, corrective exercises, motor control exercises.


Acceleration, linear velocity, lateral velocity and change of direction exercises.


You will learn about static warm-up and dynamic warm-up and the importance of exploring the three planes of movement in warm-up.

Strength BLOCKS

Strength exercises divided by movement patterns such as: pushing, pulling, knee dominance, hip dominance, core.​

power BLOCKS

Light power and heavy power exercises, agility and change of direction exercises, medicine ball exercises, plyometrics and jump work (linear, lateral and 45°)

fitness BLOCKS

Learn to use specific exercise strategies to improve fitness on the treadmill, bike, slider, street, park or field.



LEVEL 1 Educational videos


50 LEVEL Educational videos


Bonus Lecture video

All 100% Subtitled

Learn the methodology from one of the pioneers of
Functional Training.

Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle is considered one of the best coaches in the world, with stints at the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, the US Olympic Football and Hockey Team, as well as Olympic and professional athletes from different sports.

Professional Update Direct from the Source

Increased professional recognition

Possibility of increasing customers

Possibility of better professional development

Network National and international marketing

Improvement of your high professional esteem

Improve your market positioning

Case Studies

Certification process

The CFSC is not just another course, it is an International Certification that will change your career.

The Michael Boyle Certification is already differentiating itself due to the educational process required of participants.

Unlike several other options on the market, the CFSC offers an exclusive educational platform , with subtitled video classes where the student must study the methodology before participating in the two face-to-face days.
Two tests are mandatory to build a better learning process and intellectual mastery of the methodology.
The first test is an online multiple-choice test carried out on the student's own platform. To be successful, 70% of correct answers in the online test is required. Everyone has 2 attempts to get approved. If you are not approved after 2 attempts, a fee of U$100 (One Hundred Dollars) is charged from your third attempt. This fee is applied for each new attempt made.
After successfully completing the online test, you will be able to participate in the two practical days in your city of choice. A lot of practice exercises and simulation of how to act in real cases are covered in the face-to-face certification days.
At the end of the second practical day, the participant needs to take another test, only this time it is in person and live. Real cases are put on "test" and participants need to demonstrate mastery of the methodology. If, by any chance, you are not successful in the face-to-face exam, a fee of U$100 (One Hundred Dollars) will be applied and a new exam will be scheduled via Zoom to complete the Certification.
Due to the CFSC having an extensive educational content and with a huge wealth of details and important information, it would be practically very difficult to pass the entire teaching of the methodology in just two days, and in addition, it would be very challenging to absorb everything in just two days.
That's why we offer the educational platform and we need the evidence so that we can be sure that your investment will have a significant return.