our approach

At MFF, we will teach you to train right to prevent injuries and optimize your performance. Together, we can create a healthy routine that builds your confidence, strength, capabilities, and sports career, one session at a time.

Leveraging our ongoing passion for optimized human performance, extensive scientific knowledge, and proven expertise, we adopt a holistic training approach focused on building your strengths, following a thorough assessment.

We also leverage cutting-edge technologies to help pro athletes recovering from mild to severe injuries get back on top of their game using Air Pressure Therapy, Vibration Technology, and Myofascial Release Techniques.

When you train with us, you will be part of a trusted community, have a team of certified and motivational coaches, and an extensively knowledgeable fitness ally all in one.

our training system

Once you embark on your wellness journey with us, you will experience our unique approach to fitness.

Step 1. Assessing your needs

We use 3D biomechanical assessment and several other tests to identify your movement patterns and analyze the muscular imbalances in the human body.


Step 2. Setting Objectives

Once your assessment is complete, we set your program objectives based on the identified needs, including fixing imbalances, enhancing performance, improving movement patterns, building strengths, and other goals.

We offer seven different types of need-based programs, namely:

  1. Strength & Conditioning Programs
  2. Fitness Programs
  3. Weight Loss Programs
  4. Post-Rehab Programs
  5. Athletic Programs
  6. Pregnancy Programs
  7. Elderly Programs


Step 3. Customizing Your Program

Finally, our certified experts will tailor a fitness program that fits your schedule, objectives, and needs with suggested corrective exercises and strength-building workouts in a trusting, safe, and injury-free environment.

results you can expect

• Build your resilience, flexibility, and endurance
• Train your body, mind, and soul on attaining objectives
• Gain physical control
• Improve your overall health
• Embrace workout as a newly found passion in life